Paint Spill Cleaning In Melbourne

Nothing beats a new coat of paint on your home walls to liven up the room. Unfortunately, even the best paint jobs can be marred by accidental spills. No matter how careful you try to be, there is always the possibility of spilling paint on the carpet, countertops, and other areas around your home. We’ve put together a list of easy Paint Spill Removal Melbourne tips so that you can be prepared for any accidents that happen.

Windows can get in the way of our painting jobs. Those little droplets that occur while trying to liven up the trim can be frustrating. However, you can clean up those little paint spills with warm water, soap, and a razor bad. It’s best to wet the window with a sponge and then carefully scrape the paint away with a razor blade. By keeping the window wet, you can avoid any scratching by the razor blade.

Your precious countertops seem to collect all those accidental paint spills. When doing countertop paint spill cleaning in Melbourne, caution is key. You want to apply a small layer of olive oil to the paint. Rub it with a rag in a circular motion. If this doesn’t remove all the pain, you can wrap a putty knife with a rag to scrape away the paint.

Just be very careful not to apply to much pressure. If your paint spill cleaning in Melbourne doesn’t work with just olive oil, you can try a very small amount of mineral spirits. Just be sure to test it out on a hidden area first to see if it will damage the countertop.

Carpet paint spill cleaning in Melbourne can be one of the most difficult tasks. It’s best to remove the paint when it is wet as opposed to it drying first. Start with some paper towels or rags to blot up the spill. Don’t rub the spot, rather blot it. You can add a little nail polish remover, glycerin, or white vinegar to help clear the spot. You should spot test these in a hidden area of the rug to check for staining first.

For dried-on carpet paint spill cleaning in Melbourne, you will likely need commercial-grade removers. It’s highly recommended that you apply these cleaners to a small discreet area of your carpet to check for staining, before applying to the spill area. Some carpets do react negatively to these commercial-grade cleaning substances.