Using Sex Toys

There’s a reason that we’re all addicted to climaxing. When we do our bodies release hormones that reduce our stress and make us feel good. Unfortunately, our partner is not always around to give us his best. This is why it’s important to keep your very own Sex Toys at Jou jou on hand. If you don’t have one yet, we’re going to give you five good reasons to go running out to get one.

1.) Better Health

Scientific studies have proven that individuals who orgasm regularly are in better health, have more self-confident, and live happier lives than those who don’t. Making sure you always have a vibrator around to get you off is just as important to your health as dieting and exercising.

2.) Decreased Stress

As you have learned above, when you orgasm your body reduces your stress level. Any woman that has ever climaxed before knows the feeling of complete relaxation and the non-existence of tension in their body. Using your adult toy can help reduce stress from your job, relationship, and everything in between.

3.) Orgasm More With Your Partner

You don’t have to keep your adult toy all for yourself. You can introduce it when you’re having sexual time with your partner. It’s likely that the dual stimulation of your partner and your Joujou Vibrators will give you more orgasms than you ever experienced before.

4.) More Sexual Confidence

As you play with your vibrator alone you will get to know what works best for you. Certain spots are more tender and different pulses on various areas can make for an amazing orgasm. When you become more comfortable with solo play, that confidence carries over to the sexual intercourse sessions with your partner.

5.) Can Increase Your Desire For Sex

We’ve all been there. Those nights where you feel exhausted and sex doesn’t sound bad, but the whole idea of getting stimulated just sounds like a lot of work. You can let your adult toy do all the work to get you ready for pleasurable sex with your partner.

For those of you ladies that don’t have an adult toy, it’s time you get one. These five reasons should be enough to convince any woman that having a sex toy is a must.